I know - I am not in the right forum but this is the closest device to my Android device.
The Galaxy Player 5.0 is relatively new device that is very similar to the Apple Ipod Touch in that it is
WiFi capable but is an Android device - no phone.
Here is my problem:
I subscribe to Rdio. I have about 10gb of music that I would like to sync to my Samsung player for offline use. The issue is that the songs automatically are being sent to USB storgae instead of the the 32gb microSD that is mounted in the card slot. I have checked all settings and the device definitely recognizes the card. Is there anyone who can figure out how to direct the songs to the SD card? I should note that the player is not plugged into the computer and it still stores in USB storage. My assumption was that when syncing the App would lookk for the largest storage area, but it is not.
I would appreciate some direction.