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    Default Samsung Apps wrong language

    Hi, I'm in Thailand where I bought my Galaxy Tab 8.9. I changed the language it came with to English, and that's all working fine except that I have a language problem with Samsung Apps because they are asking me to accept Terms & Conditions in Thai, which I can't read. How do I change my Samsung Apps language to English?
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language


    I got exactly the same problem with an Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Android 4.0.4) and Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 4.1.2)

    To clear the cache and data in ...

    setting - application - samsung app

    ... does not fix the problem, that the apps name in english, but the description and also the policy in thai.

    Buig fix ... please soon please

    Thank you for any other ... help...
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I got my samsung tab 2 recently. For samsung apps I gave Polish or Russian by mistake! I want English back. Please help!
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    September and just bought a note 10.1 and developed the same problem. Found that by uninstalling it the app will revert back to factory settings and allow to be set with correct language.
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I need help, everything in my s3 mini is in english except in the app store, i think it has something to do with the country,
    it have a account in qatar so maybe thats why it is in arabic, how do i change it ?
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    Did anyone find out how to resolve this? My samsung is in english which is great but the samsung apps are in either french or spanish and I want them in english, help!!!
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    Just got a Galaxy Tab 3 and am running into this problem. None of the above solutions works for me...any other suggestions. Please.
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    18 months later I still have this same original problem. I have just now updated my "Samsung Apps" but before I can open it I am presented with an Accept or Decline choice for a Disclaimer that I can't read because it's in a wrong language. Everything else in my Galaxy Tab is set to work OK in English, but not this Disclaimer. Do I have to go to an English speaking country and log-in with an IP address from there, before I can open Samsung Apps, or would that be a wasted journey? Where is the setting that determines this language??
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I contacted the samsung support team and they replied as below

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    The language of Samsung Apps is based on the country of origin of the SIM card and on the IP of the Wi-Fi connection. If you moved in Kuweit and you didn't change the SIM card, you see Arabic because of the IP of the Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately there is no way of changing these settings. The language will change when you go back to your country.

    Thank you for using our services. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

    Kind regards,

    Customer Service Center

    THAT WAS ABSURD!!! What, am I supposed to travel to English speaking countries only?
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I agree. That Customer Service answer is absurd and unacceptable. It completely ignores the fact that Samsung Android devices will be owned by people who travel to different countries and will be used by them on foreign wifi networks and with foreign simcards. It also assumes that everyone living in a country can read the native language of that country. These kinds of assumptions are simply not valid on a worldwide basis.

    I can only guess that whoever wrote the book of standard answers that the Customer Service drone has quoted here, has never done any serious travelling to countries where different languages are spoken.

    Admittedly there are many websites around which make the sweeping assumption that users' IP addresses should determine what language their pages are presented in, but in these cases it's still normal to include a language reselection choice for the benefit of non-native speaking readers, of which there are often many.

    Come on Samsung! Please get yourselves Global on this issue!
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I agree with Sleepy John.. It is non sense that samsung should deprive users of the right to choose the language regardless of where they are living. I am currently staying in Kuwait. This should not mean that I have a preference for Arabic apps. Samsung decision is absurd in today's world and I hope that they change Galaxy Apps to provide the user with the freedom of choosing the language of their preference.
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    Same challenge here in Belgium (August 2014). I have all set up in French, except that the Galaxy Apps store and Samsung Hub are all in Dutch. I wonder what the customer service will tell for countries with multiple official languages (3 in Belgium, 4 in Switzerland, etc).

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