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    Hi, I'm in Thailand where I bought my Galaxy Tab 8.9. I changed the language it came with to English, and that's all working fine except that I have a language problem with Samsung Apps because they are asking me to accept Terms & Conditions in Thai, which I can't read. How do I change my Samsung Apps language to English?
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    I got exactly the same problem with an Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (Android 4.0.4) and Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 4.1.2)

    To clear the cache and data in ...

    setting - application - samsung app

    ... does not fix the problem, that the apps name in english, but the description and also the policy in thai.

    Buig fix ... please soon please

    Thank you for any other ... help...
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I got my samsung tab 2 recently. For samsung apps I gave Polish or Russian by mistake! I want English back. Please help!
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    September and just bought a note 10.1 and developed the same problem. Found that by uninstalling it the app will revert back to factory settings and allow to be set with correct language.
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    I need help, everything in my s3 mini is in english except in the app store, i think it has something to do with the country,
    it have a account in qatar so maybe thats why it is in arabic, how do i change it ?
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    Did anyone find out how to resolve this? My samsung is in english which is great but the samsung apps are in either french or spanish and I want them in english, help!!!
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    Default Re: Samsung Apps wrong language

    Just got a Galaxy Tab 3 and am running into this problem. None of the above solutions works for me...any other suggestions. Please.

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