I work for an education initiative and one of our educators would like to be able to display the screen of one of the Samsung Galaxy Tablets (8.9) on the classroom projector (Mitsubishi, XC360u-EST, DLP) to demonstrate to the students how to use the tablets for a project. The tablets don't have an HDMI output so the most obvious way of running an HDMI cable from the tab to the projector won't work. Although the Tablet screen resolution is not designed to be projected on a large scale, the projector actually comes equipped with Wifi Doc so we should be able to mirror the Tablet screen directly on the projector if we download the app. I don't have access to the classroom until next week so I haven't been able to test this but I wanted to ask a couple questions to be prepared.

1. Is this the best way to project the tablet screen?
2. Alternatively, is there a way to mirror the screen of one tablet onto several others (approximately 20) without the others being able to touch or change anything?
3. Is there a way to reduce the lag of the display from the tablet to the projector?

Thanks in advance,