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    Default Adapt Sound - On or Off?

    Hi ALL,

    Has anyone tried the Adapt Sound under Settings. You need head or ear phones and then it plays some low tones in each ear and you tap Yes or No to indicate if you hear the tone. Then I assume it customizes some equalizer settings to compensate for your hearing.

    I ran it and it does seem to sound better with the Adapt Sound but once you leave the setting there is no hard indicator as to whether it is engaged or not. I'm kind of assuming that if you listened to the comparison with the Adapt Sound last then its on but again there is no "check box" like the other settings to confirm its on/off status.

    Does anyone know how to tell if its on or off?

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    Default Re: Adapt Sound - On or Off?

    Hi Gerry ... with the music app open, tap on its Settings icon in the top right hand corner. The second of the seven options will display whether Adapt Sound is currently on or off.

    Tapping on Adapt Sound will allow you to toggle it on or off, or go through the test process again.
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    Default Re: Adapt Sound - On or Off?

    Quote Originally Posted by dc scotland View Post
    Hi Gerry ... with the music app open, tap on its Settings icon in the top right hand corner. The second of the seven options will display whether Adapt Sound is currently on or off.

    Tapping on Adapt Sound will allow you to toggle it on or off, or go through the test process again.
    Hi dc,

    Thanks for the info. I actually do not play music at all on the Tab Pro but rather I have a few movies I ripped from DVDs onto a 32 Gbyte micro SD. I make a trip to France once a year (coming up shortly!) and since most of the TV there is in French I like to watch some movies.

    Anyway, I went into the Music app as you suggested and sure enough the setting was there and it was set to on. But is that a global setting? I usually use Mobo Player to watch the movies and I then went into there and looked at its settings and there was no setting for Adapt Sound (AS). But I could have sworn that after I ran the setup in Settings for AS and then watched a movie in Mobo that it sounded better. Do you know if that setting is global.

    Different topic! Do you have any buyer's remorse about the Tab Pro 10.1? I really do like it and while the screen is much much better than my old Acer tablet, its contrast is not as good as I had hoped for when watching movies. And now Samsung came out with the Tab S 10.5 which has an OLED screen which should be great for watching movies. So now I have goo goo eyes for the Tab S but I DO NOT want to spend another $500! So at least for now its out of the question. I was just wondering what you thought about it!

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    Default Re: Adapt Sound - On or Off?

    Gerry ... I don't know for sure, but I am guessing it is a global setting because it can be accessed from the tablet's general device/sound settings as well as from the music app's settings. In the userguide, it is also mentioned in the general settings (page 120) as well as the music app settings (page 53).

    No remorse whatsoever, but I intend not to look at any new tablet models in store or online for a long time to come, just in case I am tempted. I wasn't actually needing a new tablet as I already have a 7" Blackberry Playbook which I love. But my 10" Windows XP netbook was slowly dying and so rather than replace it with another netbook, I opted for the Samsung Tab Pro 10 after a lot of thought and narrowing my options down to just it and the Sony Xperia. I had already ruled out the Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+ because of all its teething and update problems.

    The Samsung is obviously far superior to the Playbook in every respect, other than the Playbook still having the advantage of being pocket size. I know it always says in reviews that folk don't buy tablets for the camera. Well, I am the exception. My eyesight won't let me use viewfinders on standard cameras or phone cameras, and that was my main reason for buying the Playbook when it was being sold off at knock down prices. I knew that even if it turned out to be a disappointing tablet (which it didn't) I would still have a good camera with a 7" viewfinder that I could actually see. But the camera on the Samsung is so much better, plus having the LED flash, it can take pics and video in low light conditions, unlike the Playbook. I think I have taken better pics in the last few weeks than ever before, but accept I have probably looked a real dumpling while taking them with a 10" tablet.

    I don't really watch many movies, but looking at You Tube and various TV players, I am blown away by the Samsung screen. I am obviously not comparing like with like when my other tablet is a 7" Playbook. But before I made my purchase, I tested the Samsung in store several times alongside the Sony Xperia and the Samsung was a clear winner.

    What made me even happier about my purchase is that 2 days later, the price was increased by £70 !

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