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    Default Calibrate running app

    Hey everyone, while we are waiting for the runtastic and/or runkeeper app for the neo (different post) I thought I would compare the distance ran between my runkeeper app and the running app on gear 2 neo today. After finishing 5 miles on runkeeper, the neo said I only ran 4.17 miles... I knew they wouldn't be the same, but this is a rather large difference... Anyone know a way to calibrate the neo to my stride?

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    Default Re: Calibrate running app

    Haven't seen a way to do it other than just making sure that your profile information is correct. Step counter seems a little low to me as well vs the built in pedometer in the note3
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    Default Re: Calibrate running app

    Mine is way off. Runkeeper says I ran 4.76 miles, which I know is accurate, but my Neo says I ran 7.25 miles. :/
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    Default Re: Calibrate running app

    A little off topic, but I wan cycling yesterday and mapmyride had my calorie count way over what the Neo said!
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    Default Re: Calibrate running app

    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa Parker1 View Post
    A little off topic, but I wan cycling yesterday and mapmyride had my calorie count way over what the Neo said!
    I've been using a heart monitor to track my Calories Burned for about 2 months now. With the standalone HRM my calories burned for a specific work out was 680-740 for the workout. Over the same exact workout I've been getting 140-180 calories burned with the Gear 2 Neo. The first few times during the workout the HRM was registering 50 bpm at multiple instances for a long period (my resting HR is around 68-70). I swapped to wearing it on the bottom of the wrist during a workout, fixed the HRM issue, seems correct now more often then not.

    The calorie burn is still the same, which is completely off.

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