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    Default why no cyangenmod?

    why is there no cyangenmod for the strat?
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    Default Re: why no cyangenmod?

    Quote Originally Posted by smegal1215 View Post
    why is there no cyangenmod for the strat?
    Because we cannot get any access to the RIL (Radio Interface Layer)... there has never been a release of firmware where we had kernel source and a full modem package (LTE & CDMA modems) in the same release.

    If a release comes out with the full LTE and CDMA modems AND full kernel source, it should be a simple process, but it hasn't come out and there no way to extract them from a working device, and the modems are not the same as the Charge, Galaxy Nexus, or any other Samsung device users have tried to use as a base.

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