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    Default How to edit link appearance?

    I've been posting on this forum for almost a year, and I still haven't figured this out. When I post a link, how do I change the way it appears in the final post? For example, if I post a link to a certain app in Google Play, it displays as a bunch of gobbledygook code after the initial "play.google.com." How do I edit it so that it displays something like "here" or "XYZ app"?
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    Default Re: How to edit link appearance?

    Very simple. That's what that 'Link' button is for that looks like a blue globe with a chain-link in front of it, in the second row of the Edit button toolbar, just above the post compose window, and between the 'Increase Indent' and (greyed=out) 'Unlink' buttons.

    One easy way, is by going to the browser tab that contains the page you'd like to link and left-clicking on the pages' URL address, to highlight it, or highlighting the URL address up in the pages' address field bar by left-clicking & rolling your cursor over the full address and then copying the URL address then returning to the Android Central tab or page that you're composing your post on and highlighting the words you would like to have appear with the light blue (linked) color, in your post, such as your "here" or "XYZ app" and then clicking on the 'Link' button, (again, in the second row of the Edit button toolbar, and also just below the 'Smiley' button) and then pasting the copied URL address into the [ greyed-out http:// ] field and then clicking 'OK'.

    It's actually much much easier . . than I just made it sound. lol
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