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    Default Is there a way to block a certain forum from New Posts?

    Politics....makes about as much sense as having a sub-forum on Botany, Welding, Raising Children, on this site. If there was a little more diversification...., fine I could probably deal with it...but there isn't.....ALWAYS Anti Obama this, Pro Gun Control that.... It has nothing to do with why I come to this site, so why is it forced down my throat? How can I permanently remove these from my feed ...aside from not clicking on New Posts? I'm sure I could start posting a bunch of crap stories about Alberta/Canadian politics that nobody else has any interest in either, but I'm not going to do that.
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    Default Re: Is there a way to block a certain forum from New Posts?

    Forced down your throat? No one is making you read anything you don't want to. Why not just ignore it and move on like any other thread or area you don't have an interest in reading? It's appropriately listed under the Android Central Lounge section anyway, a place for general topics. The only thing I could see is that threads from that area don't show up under "Most Viewed" like the "Should Obama be impeached" one did. Anyway, I looked around my account settings and don't see any way to block something like that.

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