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    Unhappy I rooted my phone and mistakenly deleted built in apps

    Hey few days back i got some Korean phone and some Korean apps in this phone were iirritating me so i rooted my phone and delete them. While deleting i deleted system apps too like Contacts/ Phone. Now When i try to open contacts or phone log it crashes and says "unfortuantely it has stopped working". I went to system apps and tried to install again but it runs and finally says app not installed. Please tell me how to install again???
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    Default Re: I rooted my phone and mistakenly deleted built in apps

    Please can you be a bit more clearer than saying "some Korean phone" because, it seems as if you will have to reflash the stock ROM. You can also alternatively flash in the Google Play Store variants of such apps. e.g. for messaging you can use Hangouts (downloadable from market) and for contacts you can use Contacts +.

    Oh and for phone log you can try this app out

    If you want the original apps back, I suggest you reflash the stock apks of those apps by finding them on the internet or just reflash the whole stock ROM or better yet get a custom one. That's the best I could answer with what you said.
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    Default Re: I rooted my phone and mistakenly deleted built in apps

    Thank you very much androidprof for suggestions !! Phone is Sky IM 840.. Can you please provide me with custome ROM i need it badly or can you please tell me how to reflash stock apks of those apps?? I told you i have backup of these apps i mean i have apks and it runs too but it gives me error at the end. Androidprof i dnt want their variant i want origianl apps back
    Dialler is not working too i can check my call log etc
    please help

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