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    Question [SOLVED] Android Source Repo Download Help (Python Issue?)

    NOTE: I Am On Linux Mint 9 32 bit

    Okay So I Have Lately been trying TO Get The Latest Android Source Code From
    Now I Follow The Down To The Wire (The Ones For Ubuntu, But They Should In Theory Work For Mint 9), And Everything Works Up Until I get To This Part:
    Initializing a Repo client

    Run "repo init" to bring down the latest version of Repo with all its most recent bug fixes. You must specify a URL for the manifest:
    $ repo init -u git://

    If you would like to check out a branch other than "master", specify it with -b, like:
    $ repo init -u git:// -b cupcake
    When prompted, configure Repo with your real name and email address. If you plan to submit code, use an email address that is associated with a Google account .
    A successful initialization will end with a message such as
    repo initialized in /mydroid

    Your client directory should now contain a.repodirectory where files such as the manifest will be kept.
    And When I Try To Run That Line Through The Terminal I Get This Error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/bin/repo", line 91, in ?
        import readline
    ImportError: No module named readline
    Now I Know What The Problem is, It Is Looking For The in the the lib folder, Yet Even Though It Is There It Still Wont Work.
    Now I Have Tried All 2.x.x Versions Of Python (2.4.6, 2.5.5, & 2.6.4) and None Of Them Work.
    Also With Each Version I Run:
    $ ./configure --enable-readline
    And Still the Same Error.

    i Have Been working On this For About 3 Hours Now And Still Now Luck.
    I Tried A Google Search But Every Topic Get Close To Helping Someone Get It Then Stops.

    Please Help Me Out Here ?
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    Exclamation Solution

    Okay So I Found The Solution.
    repo runs STRICTLY off of 2.4.x and for some reason when I installed Python 2.4.6 was never put into:

    So I copied the from my Python 2.6.4 folder (File Download Below)
    and put it into:


    Then I ran repo again and it worked fine.

    Although it withh give you an API mismatch warning, but so far it has worked fine
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