Long time user of the TP. Decided to move to Android this past weekend. Chose CM9 over 10 as I will use for work as a LT (kinda) replacement. I flashed an earlier CM9 (April? Maybe). Yesterday I installed GOO manager and TWRP2. GOO found the 11/11 nightly and I decided to go with it. Beautiful. Everything that is expected to work works. Camera doesn't; USB connectivity doesn't (charging does); a few minor apps more because of tablet orientation. Otherwise, smooth sailing.

As has been reported the battery life stinks on ice. TouchStone and cable work great, but would like to see the drain slowed. But as anyone owning a Pre/PrePlus will tell you ............. always stay close to a charger Any word on a USB fix?

For those with TPs thinking of making a move ............... unless you have some really custom needs/uses ............ this dual boot setup with WebOS and Android ICS (4.0.4; CM9) was a breeze to set up and use immediately.

Many thanks to the developers.