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    Default Phones vulnerable to eavesdropping article

    Here is a link below to an article about a way into some phones that turns them into a intruder.
    Questions to consider
    Can anyone read between the lines and determine what line of phones they are talking about?

    Do new phones have a fix for this?

    Do we need a forum topic for Phone Security?

    What other bad things should we be worried about?

    Do You trust your phone maker, carrier, government to do the right things to help protect us, and or can we learn more about our security here in this forum to protect ourselves and family?

    Popular office phones vulnerable to eavesdropping hack, researchers say - Red Tape
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    Default Re: Phones vulnerable to eavesdropping article

    And I've found an article about various attacks patterns evildoers use to hack or block a mobile phone. I suppose it may be interesting for all mobile gadgets users, not only Android fans.
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    Default Re: Phones vulnerable to eavesdropping article

    By what I read, this doesn't affect smart phones at all if that's what you're wondering. Plus whoever did this would get into SERIOUS trouble for violating major privacy laws. If your on a mobile phone you have nothing to worry about.

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