I posted this in the Dolphin forum on this site,but it seems to get zero traffic so my apologies for posting here also. I'm hoping some of the brilliant minds here can help!
Also,just in case its needed to be known,I'm using a HTC One XL with Cleanrom.

Hey guys thanks for reading!

I sent the Dolphin support team an email earlier about this issue but its possibly just stupidity on my part lol.

So anyway, if you go to the World of warcraft forums, the threads/comments never re-flow correctly so you can read them in portrait mode,I.E you have to turn the phone sideways to landscape. Here is one of their sub-forums so you can take a look . I've tried various settings within Dolphin but i cant seem to fix the issue.
I also have the same issue on . The odd thing is,this happens only on the comments on the front page topics . If you go to their actual forums they do re-flow correctly to portrait mode.

Maybe this can only be fixed by said websites Devs? Or possibly I'm too ed to figure it out lol. Anyway,I've lurked this forum forever and also wanted to thank everyone for all I've learned here.