Hello, currently I own an HTC One V, and am really interested in rooting it, and getting rid of Sense in favor of a more stock experience. I was content with the Sense UI, but a few days ago I DL'd the Apex launcher, and am much more inclined to the stock experience. But, it is only a launcher so I still have to see Sense quite a lot. I am very new to this sort of thing, and I've done a little bit of research, but am still unsure about if you can get a stock, Jelly Bean ROM, like one you would find on a Nexus 4. I have seen CyanogenMod 10, and have googled a few AOSP ROMs claiming to be slightly altered JB 4.2, but was wondering just how close to stock these really get? Sorry about the long post.

So, to recap, how close are CyanogenMod 10 and other AOSP ROMs, such as this one: , to stock Jelly Bean? And how easy is it to install these ROMs?