Okay, so I unlocked my bootloader successfully, and I'm pretty sure I successfully rooted the phone (HTC One V), and then I proceeded to install ClockworkMod. I follow the instructions on a website, and thought I did it correctly. But when I went to "Recovery" in the bootloader, instead of ClockworkMod showing up, I get a screen that says, underneath the HTC logo, "This build is for development purposes only...". I'm not really sure where to go from here. I am trying to install Cyanogenmod 10, but was trying to backup my current ROM. And even if I skipped the backup, I need ot get into the Recovery menu for installing CM10 anyway. How can I fix my issue?
The websites I used are linked below.

Rooting Instructions:
ClockworkMod Install Instructions:
ClockworkMod Reboot Instruction(Where I'm having issues!):
Cyanogen Instructions: