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    Default Can't change lock screen wallpaper :(


    I recently got a Sony Xperia E and I'm having trouble changing the lock screen wallpaper.

    At first I used the built-in images from the phone and all was fine. But since I plugged in my memory card and decided to use one of my own pictures, it stopped working! Now it shows the same image that I have as a wallpaper on my screen. I tried using the built-in images for the lock screen again, but it doesn't work. And the only way it let's me do it is by going to settings->display->lock screen.

    Any suggestions??

    EDIT: My lock screen wallpaper only appears when my screen lock is set to swipe. I don't think that offers much protection, but oh well...
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    Default Re: Can't change lock screen wallpaper :(

    Yes, having the lockscreen to pin has been known to cause problems with the wallpaper on the lock screen. It's better to be safe than have the wallpaper visible, so use the one you feel most comfortable with (slide or pin)

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