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    Default IMEI Plastic Label

    So I did something very stupid with my new Sony Xperia Z1 phone and I have an equally dumb question. I went to put the micro SIM in my phone and noticed there was a white piece of plastic sticking out. I thought this was to protect the slot and so I pulled it out. Only when had I removed it did I realise this label contains the phone's IMEI number and was not supposed to be removed. I only found this out when I contacted Sony Customer Support. As I said this is a stupid question, but have I invalidated the warranty by doing this? Also, I assume I haven't damaged the phone. It seems to be working fine... Thanks
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    Default Re: IMEI Plastic Label

    Yeah it probably wasn't the best thing to do but hey mistakes happen. The IMEI number is stored within the device and can be found under your Settings/About Phone, and somewhere buried in there with your Model #, and other stuff.. So no worries..

    Just keep the sticker somewhere you won't loose it but again its within the phone's settings so no worry.
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    Your warranty is deemed void as per Sony if you remove the tag with the IMEI even if you can prove the phone is yours with a receipt my phone has died it wont acknowledge the charger. The red light is on. It is taking a day and a half to come back on.
    Even though the IMEI tag has nothing to do with the problem. Sony dont want to know.

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