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    Default No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    The specs of this phone lists it as having AC3 support, but it doesn't.
    I'm not very technical minded so I had to take advice from someone who is. Basically every time I uploaded a HD video to my phone it had no sound, and yet all the SD videos played fine with sound. So after enquiring about the problem it seems that our beloved Xperia Z cannot play AC3 sound which I am informed is the fairly standard surround sound format for most HD videos. This is ridiculous surely, a top end smartphone that lists AC3 support in its specs but doesn't actually support it meaning nearly all of my HD videos have no sound when played on my phone.
    Has no one else noticed this, I'm pretty peed off about it actually. I love the phone but come on Sony!
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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    Try downloading MXPlayer, it works no problem for me.
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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    Yeah I have MXplayer thanks, and yes you can swap the H/W decoder to S/W decoder so that the sound will play, but I would like to be using the movie player inbuilt into the phone as I should be able to. Besides, doesn't using a separate app to view video bypass any hardware acceleration from the Bravia 2 engine.
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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    It does, yes, but using the hardware acceleration form the bravia chip also uses battery power. And what's the alternative? A movie with no sound? No thanks!
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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    Mx Player supports audio for 720p HD Videos only. There is no sound when playing 1080p HD video

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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S5. It is pretty crappy that there is still not hardware AC3 support. I actually don't mind the software decoder with MX Player most of the time, but my issue was that I wanted to use a different video player (VR Cinema) which does not support software decoding AFAIK. So I wanted to post the solution that worked for me:

    Convert the AC3 audio into mpeg4 AAC audio that the phone will decode natively. I did it by demuxing the audio from the video with tsMuxer GUI, then encoding the AC3 audio to AAC with eac3to+Nero AAC encoder, and then remuxing with tsMuxer. A bit of a hassle, yes, but now I get hardware audio decoding.

    If you are not tech savvy, there may be a bit of a learning curve. I used these programs as they are what I am more familiar with; though I'm sure with some googling you could find a simpler all in one solution. Handbreak might be a good place to start.
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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    I have MX Player now and video play works fine on my phone. The only issue is streaming to my smart tv that is a Samsung as well and before the update I was able.
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    Default Re: No AC3 support? so no sound for HD videos

    MX player also removed support for AC3 format.
    Now you can fix this problem by installing custom codec
    or install older version of MX player
    Source - techdisko.com/ac3-format-not-supported-error-mx-player-fixed.html

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