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    Default xperia z dropping 3% battery every 20mins ?

    My xperia will drop about 3% every 20/30 mins ? When screen is on . I use stamina mode .. All thr battery saving tips :/ so can anyone suggest anything please

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    Default Re: xperia z dropping 3% battery every 20mins ?

    If your screen is constantly on, that's very good battery life, because you're on track for about 10 hours of screen on time (which is very unusual, since most devices will give about 5-6 hours of total screen on time).
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    Default Re: xperia z dropping 3% battery every 20mins ?

    The only thing you can do is to make your screen dim, and turn off "Adapt to lighting conditions".

    For anything that requires the screen to remain on for extended periods, like reading eBooks, video playback and displaying a music players' menu, visuals, graphics analyzer or Vue Meter, I only do it when I'm "corded". The exception: I read the news on my phone while having coffee in the morning, and typical spend 8% of my battery.

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