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    Default Xperia Z1 on Sprint's CDMA?

    I'm on Sprint "The Later Network" and I'm looking into the Sony Xperia Z1. However, I haven't seen anything about it supporting CDMA. With Softbank purchasing Sprint and having a CDMA network, I would assume they could have enough leverage to bring it to Sprint. Do you guys think or have any clues if this will come true?
    IF not I'll be looking into the LG G2. SInce I'm big on photography and it outshines the HTC One's camera in every setting.
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    Default Re: Xperia Z1 on Sprint's CDMA?

    It's going to be the G2 for you if you're on Sprint. Sony doesn't bother to make CDMA phones.

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    Default Re: Xperia Z1 on Sprint's CDMA?

    Quote Originally Posted by paul-c View Post
    It's going to be the G2 for you if you're on Sprint. Sony doesn't bother to make CDMA phones.

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    Also death to CDMA! There is only place for GSM in this world!

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    Default Re: Xperia Z1 on Sprint's CDMA?

    Hate to burst bubble, but T-Mobile and AT&T are loosing market shares and customers due to their inability to change and grow their infrastructure. Verizon and Sprint have a much larger nationwide coverage area, this gives them more potential customers. With more customers you have the ability to develop into better frequencies, meaning faster data speeds, better quality voice calls. Since the US govt recently has released more frequency band widths within the past 6 months, we will see our nation cell network grow bigger and faster. Companies like Sprint and Verizon are at the front of these developments. If phone manufacture's want to stay competitive and gain more market shares and customers they will need to develop more towards the trends. Example was the 4G and 4G LTE battle in which LTE won. So in conclusion if Sony really wants to be competitive they needs to develop their phones to the masses.
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    Default Re: Xperia Z1 on Sprint's CDMA?

    Theoretically it is possible - there is a CDMA version of the Z1 in Japan on the au KDDI network, called the Xperia Z1 SOL23 I believe. Although I do hear it's hard to unlock and get au KDDI phones working outside of Japan (when not in roaming mode), but check with Jinx at PhoneUnlockServer (PhoneUnlockServer Home), he is very good with unlocking all kinds of Sony phones. Check out the specs: KDDI au、ソニー5インチ Full-HD 解像度の防水対応 Snapdragon 800 搭載スマートフォン「Xperia Z1 SOL23」10月23日発売 | GPad (use google translate). Good luck!

    BTW believe it or not Sony has actually had a couple of CDMA releases lately, besides the Z1 variant mentioned above, the Xperia V has a CDMA variant (Xperia VC), and so does the Xperia SP. I believe that both are available on China Telecom (China) and au KDDI (Japan). With some patience and tinkering, I would guess that they could be made to work on either Sprint or Verizon.

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    Default Re: Xperia Z1 on Sprint's CDMA?

    First: I have the LG G2 on Sprint. Great phone with great features. And I'm on Spark now so speeds are good.
    Second: will probably chuck it for the Z1s on TMobile. A friend of mine says their network is pretty consistent where we live AND they fall back on HSPA+ (41Mbs theoeretically) when not on LTE. I got the G2 and was really dissapointed how Sprint's network wasn't giving me the speeds I deserved (I know that sounds dickish, but you buy a sports car you don't put 87octane in it). Plus with TMobile's plans I would be paying basically the same for a sexier phone.

    Now I live in Los Angeles, so we get the advantage of every carrier being pretty good. It can be block-to-block sometimes, but usually they're all good. But you should definitely go with the best service for your hometown or else any phone seems like it's a dissapointment.

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