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    Default WiFi Calling

    I got the Xperia Z1s 2 weeks ago and I love the phone. Great Battery life and really fast. Also, another year of PS Plus is not too shabby either.

    The only problem i'm having is WiFi calling working consistently. I have my phone on Stamina mode with Wifi calling on because i dont get great signal in my house.

    Here are the problems i'm having:
    My phone sometimes does not ring, then i get a voicemail.
    My phone will ring and i will answer but hear nothing.
    The other night the person on the other end was complaining that the audio was going in and out.

    I just turned off Wifi Optimization to see if that helps. Is anyone else having these problems?
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    Default Re: WiFi Calling

    I am traveling with my Sony phone and i am also having problems it wont let me connect at all i am really upset with this
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    Default Re: WiFi Calling

    I had issues when I first set my phone up. I did a factory reset and it resolved the issue.

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    Default Re: WiFi Calling

    I turned off stamina mode and wifi calling and made sure that wifi was "always on". Havn't had any issues since.
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    Default Re: WiFi Calling

    My S4 have similiar issues. TMobile said for wifi calling to work you need a strong wifi/internet connection and requires passing of a certificate. My wifi at my previous job blocked something the wifi calling needed so I was out of luck there. My house I'm generally fine but hotels seem to be hit or miss with wifi calling.
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    Default Re: WiFi Calling

    Stamina mode creates to much havoc I just leave it off. Kills gps, networking to media servers, find phone is useless if you lose it.

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