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    Default [FIX] Z Ultra GPE 4.4.2 SDCard Write Fix


    If you guys haven't noticed you can't copy a file from internal sd to external sd (confirmed by me and others) Well I figured it out.

    I remember something about OTG not being able to read from external on apps like Tibu with other devices. I did something similar to get it to work on the ZU GPE.

    If you are rooted you can copy this file to /etc/permissions/

    I tested copying a file from internal to external and it worked fine after this change.

    I did make a couple changes to the file, I'm not sure which did it but one of them did. I am attaching the file

    Just rename from to platform.xml, back up existing file(the attached file is NOT a zip.. it's a XML file just remove .zip from the end of the filename), copy new file and change permissions to match the old file
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    Default Re: [FIX] Z Ultra GPE 4.4.2 SDCard Write Fix

    I understand the need to be rooted in order to modify this file, but is it necessary to remain rooted to have write access to the external sd? Or, can I unroot after making the change and have the use of my external sd forever?


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