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    Default Sony ZU GPe will not Turn Off!

    I leave my phone turned on nearly 24/7, hooked up to a charger when I'm not out and about. But occasionally, when I know I'm going to be away from a charger for an extended period I want to turn the device off - completely off, not just let the screen sleep. No joy!

    I long-press the power button and select "Turn Off". The power down animation runs, the screen goes dark and all seems well. Then, just as I turn my back a white-on-black Google logo appears - just for a few seconds. The screen goes dark again for several seconds and then the cycle repeats - endlessly!

    It is 100% repeatable. It matters not if a charger is connected or not. If a charger is not connected the battery is dead by morning and the device will not turn on until it has been on a charger for a while.

    C6806-GPe, 4.4.3, all updates.

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    Default Re: Sony ZU GPe will not Turn Off!

    Update: now running 4.4.4 with no change in the problem.
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    Default Re: Sony ZU GPe will not Turn Off!

    Depress the Power button and the Volume Up button together; keep them depressed for 2 or 3 seconds.

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    Default Re: Sony ZU GPe will not Turn Off!

    I was having the exact same problem as the OP for my Sony Z Ultra GPE.

    I can confirm that holding down the power and volume up stops the endless screen cycling on shutdown. The screen now stays dormant and the battery no longer gets drained.

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