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    Default Epic is getting hot under the camera

    Is anyone else having an issue with the phone getting pretty warm to the touch on the back under the camera? I notice it does it sometimes when I charge it or when I play a game for a period of time.
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    thats normal, happens to all phones, near the cpu, when under stress over extended time.

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    notice how the computer you're typing this on gets hot after a while?
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    If the hot spot is below the camera and just a tad to the right, its the MicroSD card that's heating up.
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    This is kind of to be expected during charging. However, if it's happening otherwise, you might want to power off and power back on your phone, and then take a look at any apps or live wall paper you're using and either uninstall them or use a different one for a while to see if that could explain the issue.
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