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    Default Re: Why did you choose the Galaxy Nexus over the EVO LTE ?

    Well picked mine up today, out with the Epic 4G Slider and in with the Galaxy Nexus. In the end for me I decided that the ability to get updates a little faster (I understand the GSM Nexus variants get them faster) than what I experienced with my Epic was more important to me than a slightly better camera or processor and a sealed battery (HTC EVO LTE). I'm kinda hoping I can pretty much leave the phone alone compared to the crap I had to do to get my Epic functioning properly. I really like the basic ICS setup and I think for me I made the right choice. Now I just need Sprint to release the extended battery, almost just went with the 1850mah spare but if they make a 2100mah like Verizon I'd rather do that.

    Having been running CM9 on my Epic for quite a while I was used to ICS, what I am not used to is really how many things CM9 has as part of the OS compared to stock ICS. CM9 is pretty damn awesome, hats off to those guys.

    I have not played with the phone much but how do you take a screenshot for example? Easy as can be on CM9. Please tell me that is not something I have to root to accomplish, I kinda thought it was built into the Nexus.

    I'm glad to see the built in Music Player is Google Music and not the generic music player, one less app to have for no reason.

    My Epic had really started acting strange of late, getting text messages 5 hours later and crap, so my patience wore thin and I decided the Nexus would be good enough for my needs. Who knows if both phones had been available as the HTC One X seems pretty nice and I am sure the HTC EVO LTE will be too, I'm just glad Sprint has a couple top tier phones again. LTE will be live in all my surrounding areas in round 2 of the rollout, or at least it's suppose too.
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