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    Default JB on the sprint nexus

    When are we getting jb update for the sprint galaxy nexus?

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    It will be a little while after the Verizon version gets it.

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    Default Re: JB on the sprint nexus

    It's interesting you say after Verizon gets theirs. I can't imagine Sprint is waiting for Verizon.

    I hope Sprint does the right thing and keeps this phone updated in a timely manner, but it looks like it will be treated like every other Android device on their network.
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    Cool Re: JB on the sprint nexus

    I got tired of waiting for the official Jelly Bean and did not see it on the horizon, so I rooted this:


    It is so smooth and buttery. I highly recommend it.

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    Default Re: JB on the sprint nexus

    No one knows at this point when the JB update will roll out for us.

    I flashed maddoggin's JB ROM from XDA and couldn't be happier!
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