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    Default Sprint Galaxy Nexus - Boot loop issue

    Okay. I have went over threads here and elsewhere about the www and I am still stuck. Turn on my phone and all I see is Google. When I enter bootloader mode I have gotten fastboot status failed and fastboot status okay. I can unlock and re-lock the bootloader but I cannot flash the stock recovery or cwm. I have done several factory resets and wiped the cache partition. I've been using skip fresh's toolkit and have not had a problem with it yet. All this started when I tried to side load an update zip to bring my rooted device to 4.3 jb. If it helps any I was running jb 4.2.1 rooted stock rom on the Sprint now network.
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    Did you try sideloading the official OTA 4.3 update zip package on your rooted ROM or was it a 4.3 based ROM you tried to sideload?

    FWIW, I've always had good success with Wugs Toolkit.

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    Default Re: Sprint Galaxy Nexus - Boot loop issue

    Odin a stock tar and start over.

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