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    Default Hebrew Keyboard not working... Help please

    I have a stock ROM installed and it allows me to download additional languages from Samsung every single additional language works except for Hebrew, although it works if I do it in handwriting recognition or to change the entire language of the phone with language enabler (It is rooted), anybody got any insight as to how I can fix this issue and have Hebrew installed as part of the Samsung keyboard?

    Thank You in advance.
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    Default Re: Hebrew Keyboard not working... Help please

    I am having the same issue. Just bought the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 today. Hebrew pack downloaded fine in the "Samsung Keyboard". I have it checked but the keyboard doesnt recognize that it is enabled. It works fine with other languages. Talked to Samsung tech support. They are clueless. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Hebrew Keyboard not working... Help please

    Same here. And Samsung tech support is still clueless. Does Samsung have a way to submit bug reports?
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    Default Re: Hebrew Keyboard not working... Help please

    Same here - Verizon Galaxy Note 2 - both Hebrew and English are enabled, but I can't switch to Hebrew.
    If I select other languages - they work fine (including Arabic, how ironic, makes you wonder if someone did this on purpose!). Also, if I select Hebrew - it doesn't show up in the main "Samsung Keyboard setting" under "Input Languages" - again, other languages will show up in a comma separated list, but not Hebrew. And of course, can't change to Hebrew using the space button.

    The temporary workaround I found is to switch to the Swype keyboard, which comes built in with my phone. It's actually a pretty cool concept, and you can still type regularly if you prefer.
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    Default Re: Hebrew Keyboard not working... Help please

    The Hebrew (עברית) setting does not work with the U.S. versions of Samsung Galaxy. It was confirmed by Samsung employees. After adding Hebrew (עברית) to the "Input language", the Hebrew does not show in the [spacebar] or globe option on the keyboard.

    The Hebrew keyboard works fine on non-Samsung Jellybean phones and the global version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    It is a strange (suspicious) bug. Other languages, such as Arabic work fine !
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    Default Re: Hebrew Keyboard not working... Help please

    This is only partially true!!!

    I'm using the T-Mobile version of the Note 2 (SGH-T889). Hebrew worked JUST FINE before I updated the firmware to UvALL4. Since then, I have the same issue with Hebrew not showing when I try to change the input language using the space bar.

    I'm considering going downgrading back because of this. One of the reasons I got a new phone is not having to have a "foreign" keyboard app such as AnySoftKeyboard, for example. Can't stand them!

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