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    Default Key pad tones interrupting phone calls

    I have been having trouble for months with keypad tones interrupting phone calls. At first I thought it could be my headset that was doing it, then it happened while I was on speaker phone with out any headsets plugged in. It almost seemed like if something hit a certain tone either a beeping in the background of the person I was calling or something would seem to set it off. Then it just started happening arbitrarily. It doesn't happen on every phone call but at least once a day while I am making phone calls.

    Has anyone experienced this kind of thing before? I have updated everything that it will take, but to no avail.

    Looking forward to any suggestions anyone has.

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    Default Re: Key pad tones interrupting phone calls

    I'm having the same trouble. Mine happens with two different people on Verizon on every call to them. Glad to know someone else is having the same issue. Thought I was going nuts. Anyone with a possible cause and solution?
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    Default Re: Key pad tones interrupting phone calls

    It doesn't seem to matter for me, whether the carrier is a landline or cell phone it will do it intermittently while on calls. Not every call but many, hard to figure out or track other than I did figure out it was the phone itself not the headsets or anything. It appears to be a software issue of some kind, but I am no android software expert so I am at a loss...

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