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    Default Dolphin Browser touch screen out of wack

    So, I've searched pretty much everywhere and I haven't found much info on this. The most basic thing I'd like to know is how to recalibrate the touch screen on 4.3, but there is already a thread on that, and it contains no answers. So let me tell you about my specific problem and maybe someone will come up with a solution.

    When using dolphin browser, I try to, for instance, select a result from a page of Google results, my finger will miss it and select something else instead. This does not happen on my keyboard to any appreciable degree, or in any other application I'm aware of. Also, when I zoom in to make the link or icon or whatever larger and easier to hit, the degree to which the touch screen is "out of wack" is also larger. Meaning, at full, un-zoomed normal mode, I might have to touch ten millimeters to the left of my desired target, but zoomed in all the way, I'd have to touch an inch or so to the left.

    To solve this problem I wanted to troubleshoot what I thought would be the simplest solution, to calibrate the screen for the whole device. But as I've said, that idea came to nothing.

    I recently installed jetpack, which had really improved my speed. Might that be the issue?

    Had anyone else had this problem?

    All my apps are up to date.

    Thanks to all.
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    Default Re: Dolphin Browser touch screen out of wack

    Hi there, maybe you can send Dolphin team an email to figure out your issue.
    I often email them if I have any issue and often get quick response. Here is their email address: support@dolphin-browser.com
    Hope it helps
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    Default Re: Dolphin Browser touch screen out of wack

    Have the same irritating problem. When typing in a search and then trying to select one of the suggested search results, I can only select either the option above or below the actual result I am trying to select. So frustrating, please help?!

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