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    Default Leather Belt Case?

    Has anyone seen a nice leather belt case (horizontal) or simple leather sleeve anywhere yet to fit this device?

    I suppose that maybe it would fit in an Infuse belt case?
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    Default Re: Leather Belt Case?

    Yeah, I'm looking too. I've seen a few that seem big enough, but usually only by a mm or two. That's not a lot of room for tolerance. I guess I'm not surprised with the Touch being larger than the international version.
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    Default Re: Leather Belt Case?

    In couple of days look me up and i'll let you know...But if you keep Googleing it something will show up soon.
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    Default Re: Leather Belt Case?

    I've been sporting the official Verizon Droid X leather belt case since last December with using it for both my EVO 4G and my EVO 3D. Both phones have sported Seidio Surface cases. I think the SSIIET4G (thats just TOO long of a abbreviation!) will fit it fine. Will let you know tomorrow morning for sure though.
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    Default Re: Leather Belt Case?

    The Infuse cases are very close (tried one out at bestbuy) but the headphone hole is just a bit off. I guess the right case would work if the holes were larger, but the cases on hand were just wrong enough not to buy.
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    Default Re: Leather Belt Case?

    Have a universal one Sprint stock number CCU2588Q. Has magnetic latch and the clip rotates so you can position it how you like.
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