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    Default Re: Problem: Random "phantom" settings button presses

    The GPU rendering fixed it for me it appears on my Virgin mobile S2 epic 4g thanks!
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    Default Re: Problem: Random "phantom" settings button presses

    Quote Originally Posted by michaelalanharlow View Post
    I've been through all these thousands of different post trying to figure out MY issue, which is the same...... Phantom Menu Button presses, and through trial and error, from sitting my phone in an area with a strong signal, to the opposite, to blatantly slamming my phone on the table and floor. Uninstalling and reinstalling apps, airplane mode and the works. There is only one 100% clear solution if you dont plan on returning your phone and are just as hard headed as I am.

    There is an electrical disturbance that happens between the Touch button and the circutry that activates the menu.
     [ . . . ]
       [ . . . ]
      [ . . . ]
    Feel free to copy this and post on different sites to spread the word if this helped you. Thanks!
    For the sake of posterity, everything you need to know about what causes this issue, at least as far as this thread is concerned, is to be found in the entry posted by the man above ( not God… Michael Alan Harlow ), and can be viewed in its entirety by reading post #46 of this thread. Took me 1½ years to come to the same conclusions he did.

    Putting aside the semantics of hardware versus firmware ( i.e. software controlling hardware ) for the moment in an effort to keep the majority of this forum's target audience in mind ( tl;dr = this ain't xda ), this is a hardware problem folks, and bears no relationship to which apps you may or may not have installed on your device, no matter how much you really, really think it's your text messenger or workout log app or wtv.

    If this last describes you, then what you're forgetting is that correlation does not imply causation; in other words, the reasons it mainly seems to happen when you're in your messenger (for example) are (a) because you spend a proportionally larger percent of the time texting than doing other things, so the odds of it happening when you're texting are higher than the odds of it occurring when you're doing anything else, (b) because we know it's related to network data signal or lack thereof, and you use the network when you're texting and not when you're playing Tetris, and maybe (c) you do a lot of texting from home, from your room in particular, which happens to be in a spot where the signal can be spotty, which is also something we know to be related to the problem. And so on. Hardware, not software not apps.

    Crucially, this means you can't fix this issue permanently yourself if your device does this, if you define "fix" in this case as meaning those keys no long stutter by themselves, ever, without you having had to either do something or sacrifice something in exchange. If your device does this there are two paths you can take :  replace, or workaround.

    That is, taking it to your authorized Samsung retailer or service center and having them swap it for another one, one that wasn't part of the batch of screwed up ones your first one came from. I don't know if they know how to go about ensuring that, but based on probability alone you should be alright… this is definitely a very small percentage of all the millions of Note®Ⅱ's sold ( lucky you and me ).

    A few were mentioned in this thread ;  they will work for some, not so much for others. Do what works for you. There is only one workaround I know of that should work for everyone, and it's what I ended up doing when I had this problem, but it does require a rooted device. The process involves completely deactivating the device's two capacitive keys ( not the Home button ) and replacing them with a softkey equivalent :  a narrow strip that sits at the very bottom of your display, right over the deactivated capacitive keys, with icons on it that represent the original capacitive keys and do their job for them ( without stuttering, lol ). If you're not sure what I mean, do an image search on "Nexus 6" and look at the pictures that show the display lit up. You'll notice that device doesn't have capacitive keys at the bottom ( not even a physical "Home" button ), and instead, those functions are handled by minimalist-style icons ( which I called "softkeys" a little ways up ) that appear in a row along the very bottom of the lit up display. After you turn the capacitive keys off on your Note®Ⅱ, the process concludes with replacing them with something very much like that.

    It's basically 3 steps, but this post is already a mile long ( give or take ) so I'll write that as a follow-up post below this one in a couple days.
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    Lightbulb Re: Problem: Random "phantom" settings button presses

    Sorry for the delay; here's the follow-up.

    * * * * * *


      First you need to disable the two capacitive keys MENU (left) and BACK (right) by commenting out two lines in a particular low-level file.

    NOTE :  As I said in my previous post, you will need root access for this.

    NOTE :  This is completely reversible ;  you are not "breaking" anything.

    FILE :

    The two lines in question are these :

      key 139 MENU
      key 158 BACK

    To disable them just comment them out :

      # key 139 MENU
      # key 158 BACK


    Now that both capacitive keys are inactive, you probably don't want them lighting up anymore ( if you do, whatever the reason, just skip this step ). This is just a regular Note®Ⅱ setting that needs to be changed.

    To disable the backlights, go to :

       > Display
        > Touchkey light duration

    … and set to …

      Always off


    This is where you replace your now silent capacitive keys with a software equivalent, similar to what the Nexus 6 uses.

    You have more than one choice here. The Note®Ⅱ does in fact "come with" one, and it can be activated rather easily, but there does exist other navbar-type apps you can install which offer significantly more customizability than the phone's own "inbuilt" (stock) one. You may wish to start with the latter just to get a feel for it and check out other options later on. I say a bit more about this at the bottom.

    To activate the Note®Ⅱ's stock nav bar :

    NOTE :  Root required for this step.
    FILE :

    The visibility of the stock software nav bar is dependent on the value assigned to :


    … in the build.prop file. If the line is absent, its value is zero. As such, add the following line to the bottom of your build.prop :


    … then save and reboot.

    To disable the nav bar, either simply delete the line above ( save & reboot ) or, the better alternative, leave the line in but change the value to zero :


    … and add in a couple of (#) comment lines describing what the line is and what it does ( save & reboot ).

    * * * * * *

    A word on other nav bar choices.

    Personally, after having used one of the commercial ones for over a year, I couldn't go back to the stock one, and if you're something of a customization junkie as I am, I suspect you'll be much more satisfied with a commercial one as well, as you can define pretty much everything that is definable about a navbar : activation method, auto-hide, timing preferences ( time to appear/disappear, time to stay visible, etc.), choice of icon(s), color of both icons and background, even the number of icons and how they're placed ( you aren't limited to just MENU and BACK ), and so on. As I said, pretty well everything that can be customized… a good nav bar can significantly improve your device's user interface.

    It may not be proper to recommend one here in the thread, so if you want to know the nav bar I've been using this past year or so ( it isn't available on Google Play at this time ) PM me and I'll direct you to its developer ( he's friendly and approachable, based on my dealings with him ) and let him fill you in.
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    Talking Re: Problem: Random "phantom" settings button presses

    I deleted magic jack!!!! It stopped entirely!!
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    Default Re: Problem: Random "phantom" settings button presses

    will replacing LCD do any .....??
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