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    Default I am DONE!

    Just have to get this off my chest. I know most of you will understand.

    I am so frustrated with this phone now. I used to love it but now it is just full of bugs. Just off the top of my head, here are my issues. I will be moving to the IP5 and moving to Verizon.

    1) Antenna is horrible. I get roaming notifications in my house where I used to have 5 bars.
    2) WIFI is horrible. I lose my connection often if I am not in the same room as the router at home.
    3) Battery drained 2 nights ago from 65% when I went to bed to 2% by morning!!!!!!!!!!!
    4) Phone gets extremely hot!

    None of this happened before ICS. It is VERY frustrating!
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    Default Re: I am DONE!

    Did you install the update they sent out? I'm petrified I'm going to hit the danged reminder and do exactly that by accident.

    There isn't much that could make me accept that update. If that's not it, pardon my suggestion and I hope you figure it out.

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    Default Re: I am DONE!

    No, I have not installed the latest update.
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    Default Re: I am DONE!

    Roaming may be due to network vision, i experienced similar R. before improvement. I thought fh13 addressed theseissues? sad part is jellybean still isnt MUCH better it's a trade-off but still issues...
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    Default Re: I am DONE!

    why not take your phone back to the sprint store.....my first phone was ruined by the first update to ICS....ph heated up, froze to the point I had to remove the battery.....got my phone back to GB and ph still froze up....sprint store tech ordered me a new one which was a warranty replacement from Samsung, refurbished phone.....it works well now and I have no freezing of the phone or heat issues.....just my 2 cents!
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    Default Re: I am DONE!

    Sorry for your troubles and frustration, and I do not doubt what you say.

    But my SPH-D710 works fine on stock un-rooted ICS. As I write this the battery is at 76%, after 21h 30m on battery. I have five bars cell signal. The wi-fi works when I am in my back yard, through two interior walls and a brick exterior wall. My router is a cheap Linksys WRT54G2 V1.

    If you haven't already you might want to consider the following:

    Back up your data and apps, then do a Factory reset.
    Clear both main and dalvic cache.
    After that:
    Update PRL.

    Take care not to re-install too many apps and avoid crap apps. I avoid free apps, and there is not a single game installed on my Galaxy SII. I have fewer than one dozen apps on my phone, every one carefully chosen, and every one the paid version where a paid version exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Samsmalls View Post
    Roaming may be due to network vision, i experienced similar R. before improvement. I thought fh13 addressed theseissues? sad part is jellybean still isnt MUCH better it's a trade-off but still issues...

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    If you are going to do a factory reset make sure to copy everything that's on your internal SD card to your computer. You have the possibility of bricking using stock ics recovery.

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    You can't wipe dalvick if you are on stock ota, you have to have a custom recovery to do that but you can wipe the cache partition. Also just a question are you on fh13 which is the latest build of ics? If not use Kies on a computer to update otherwise you can't really complain.

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    Same here. Verizon or At&t and IP5 for me, too. Same issues and a terrible GPS. Had my phone replaced and it still is terrible. I want a phone that works without hacking. Trust me, I'm a very dedicated geek but my time is valuable and I need a working phone for Biz.

    Also, Google is playing 'not to lose'. They just don't want to lose their customers on their services. Maybe Motorola will change that but I don't see it happening

    Long term, as ecosystems grow stronger, it looks like it will really be between Apple and Microsoft for me. I'll use Google services on both but for me, now, it's time to jump into the big Apple ecosystem.

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