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    Default Epic 4G crashed and won't boot! Help please!

    Hi everyone,

    This afternoon, I was updating my apps on my stock ICS Samsung Epic 4G Touch (Sprint), when the whole thing locked up. This is unusual for my phone. After I did a battery pull, it stuck on the Samsung logo and wouldn't progress to boot. I tried to repeat the battery pull several times and no go. I held power and volume up and did a factor reset, but it didn't seem like the process completed, it stayed frozen for an hour, and I did another battery pull. (maybe not the smartest thing)
    As of right now, the screen is dark and the blue notification led is lit. If I pull the battery, then power on, nothing happens except for the led coming on.
    Has anyone herd/experienced this? Am I screwed? Would using any kind of rooting software help the situation? Any suggestions would be grand, I'll be watching this thread for a few hours. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Epic 4G crashed and won't boot! Help please!

    Did you check to see if it will go into Odin mode (power button and volume down)? Do another battery pull, be sure phone is powered off ( no LED light), then power button and vol down. If you have Odin mode (download mode), you can flash a ROM via usb from your computer. You are soft bricked at this time.

    If you have Odin mode, access to a computer, go to Rwilco12's repository and down load a one-click ROM file (.exe). There is a tutorial that you need to read prior to flashing. In the event that it does not work (install aborted or fail message), you will have to flash a recovery kernel first then flash ROM. Kernel also avail on repository. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Epic 4G crashed and won't boot! Help please!

    Just for closure's sake, I figure I should tell the rest of the story.

    I took the phone by a Sprint repair center. They determined the MOBO was bad. Getting a replacement soon. Thanks!
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