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    Default Losing Calls and Phantom Keying

    For the last 2 weeks I have been having 2 problems, that seemed to start at the same time. My husband has the exact phone and is not having any of the problems. It happens regardless of where I am (California and Nevada in the past week).

    When I answer a call I have to hold the phone away from my head because ANY contact with the phone results in me "dialing" a number (I have it set up so I dial "1" to accept some of my calls. I could probably change that so the keypad wouldn't open up, but I didn't used to have that problem). That results in an annoying beep that the other person can hear. It doesn't just happen once. It happens constantly until I move the phone away from my ear to talk so I can't possibly hit a number.

    That's bad enough, but the phone also just disconnects calls randomly. Lots. And that happens even when a number is used that doesn't require me to open the keypad. I know everyone I talk to isn't going through a tunnel and dropping the calls on their end. I know it's me.

    Any idea of what to start with? Phone shows I'm running 4.0.4

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