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    Default "Bugout" ROM?


    I'm wondering if there is a ROM available that has the GPS and Phone antennas turned OFF, but allows for WiFi to function? I'm looking to have a device to read/store a bunch of PDF documents in case of a SHTF scenario, but I don't want any traceability to the device. I'd simply like to be able to read PDF files, and watch videos that I store on multiple exterior flash cards. Is there anything available like this?

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    Default Re: "Bugout" ROM?

    I'm not sure using WiFi will make you as invisible as you think. Google uses WiFi to figure out locations, for example. The locations of most public, and many private, WiFi APs is known and cataloged, and even for those that aren't the IP address allows general localization.

    Anyway, I'm not aware of any ROMs that specifically do this as a default. But if you turn on airplane mode, you can then manually turn on WiFi without turning any of the other radios on. HTH.
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