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    Default Re: Is 16gb really enough?

    Just as stated above, if you're becoming a phone gamer like allot of people 16GB is no longer enough internal. Especially since these games won't allow moving off the internal sd. And the apps that will allow rooted users to swap internal and external and make virtual folders, etc are confusing and risky. Just in the descriptions alone.

    Anything else can be moved to the sd card. I personally use an app called foldersync that I use to automatically move downloads, etc to the sd card. Keeping it off the internal.

    For the streamers out there like myself I use Google music when in 4g and Wi-Fi but I also have my music converted into 64kbps mp3 files and stream them from my dropbox using the app "cloud around". Simple set up(force closes on 1st scan if you have allot of music but after that beautiful). I found that at that. format it streams even over sprint 1x(can't get worse network condition than that) and a equalizer to replace the bass loss from converting down the files it's not bad.

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