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    Default Upgrade to S3 from S2

    I am eligible to upgrade and would like some opinions if it is worth using my upgrade. I am using the Samsung Galaxy S2 and am considering upgrading to the S3 but have a few questions

    - Can the S3 utilize Wifi Tether, after I root the phone
    - I assume rooting the S3 is as easy as the S2
    - Is the battery life as good or better than the S2
    - I get decent 4G on the S2 and live in Atlanta where there is LTE coverage, is it really that much better

    Thanks for your input
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    Default Re: Upgrade to S3 from S2

    I cant attest to 1 or 2 of your questions as i have not rooted mine nor do i want to use WiFi tether. I feel thats an option that should be paid for.
    As far as rooting easy is a relative term. If you thought rooting the GS2 was easy then it looks like the same people who did it for that device are also around for the GS3.
    Battery life, yes much better. Way better then my GS2. But your results may vary as usage will vary with you.
    Since there are no complete LTE market build outs yet consider LTE in your area to be extremely hit or miss or non existant.
    I got good WiMax coverage in my market and right now LTE is still non existant where i live but where i work im starting to get a more constant connection.

    Take advantage of the 14 day trial and enjoy..
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    Default Re: Upgrade to S3 from S2

    I can't upgrade till the 1st of September. A friend of mine has the S3. He is in Atlanta. He has told me that LTE is faster than his internet connection at his house. He has also rooted and says it is easy. Battery life is great to him. He didn't have the S2 so can't compare.
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    Default Re: Upgrade to S3 from S2

    1 month ago, I upgraded from the Epic 4G Touch which is the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. This was a great decision for me.

    1) Wifi Tether works great after rooting. I am using the stock ROM with ClockworkMod Recovery.

    2) Rooting is even easier to perform than with the S2. With the Galaxy S2, the recovery partition was part of the kernel and was a bit dangerous but with the Galaxy S3, Samsung has made the recovery partition separate from the kernel.

    3) For me, the battery life has been great (usually lasting all day with normal usage), much better than on the S2, but others have had problems with the battery life.

    4) I live in South FL where we have no LTE coverage, so I am stuck with vanilla 3G internet when not at home or work where I have wifi. 3G works great for my needs, although others have had streaming issues with music and videos. If you live in an area where there is good LTE coverage, congrats because you are in the minority right now and this will only make owning the S3 a more pleasurable experience than it already is.

    Upgrade and enjoy.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I did the upgrade at Radio Shack for $149.99 and they bought back my phone for $132 making the total upgrade price around $25 with tax! This left plenty to spare for a new case and screen protector.
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    Default Re: Upgrade to S3 from S2

    I'm rooted

    And I rooted in less than 10 mins

    I'm running blazer rom

    I'm getting 14-16 hrs (and I'm a heavy user podcast browsing texting emailing)

    Wifi tether works now after the latest update

    They now have a dedicated s3 profile and that has fixed some issues people was having with it working sometimes and not working other times

    Go ahead and take the nestea plunge

    You won't regret it

    I can't put this phone down

    And btw I didn't like the look and home button on the s3 but it's grown on me now

    And I use the home button to wake the screen (much better than going to the side or top of the phone to wake up the device

    I went on too long
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    Default Re: Upgrade to S3 from S2

    I upgraded from the epic 4g touch. Everything is a plus with the exception of 4g. Youtube is unwatchable in hd or anything that requires semi decent speeds.

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