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    Default Help with ringtone

    Just got my upgrade today. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

    I am trying to change ring tone to some of my music. I seem to be drawing a blank. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Help with ringtone

    Download esfile explorer from the playstore. Then go to system settings / sounds / device ringtone then you will have the choice of esfile explorer added to the complete action using menu. choose es file explorer and browse to the file you want instead of choosing from the standard android files.

    Or you can create a folder on the extsdcard and name it media. inside that folder audio. inside the audio folder, make a folder called ringtones. You can also make the folder called notifications. Any mp3 or ogg file you put in either of these folders will show up with the standard android ringtones and notifications.
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    Default Re: Help with ringtone

    My set-up is different from what Skunkape60 did. It also works. I downloaded AirDroid and then uploaded my mp3s to an existing folder in the phone named "Ringtones." I could have done the same with the external SD card, but decided to keep the files on the phone (in case I switch cards or something). Anyway, the files show up as options in the sounds for my contacts.

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