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    Default Android OS eating my battery alive. ..

    Hey guys,

    The past couple of days, the "Android OS" process has been killing my battery. I'm in jellybean, not rooted. My sd card is basically empty. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Android OS eating my battery alive. ..

    Same here, some days is os others it's the screen. Hmmmmm

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    Default Re: Android OS eating my battery alive. ..

    My wife's s3 had the same problem. I turned "keep wifi on during sleep" to 'only when plugged in' and did a battery pull. Also had her turn off wifi when she didn't have any so it wouldn't continually search for it. It worked. Battery is now great.
    3.Menu button to toggle advanced
    4.Hit keep wifi on during sleep to change settings.

    Hope it helps.
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    Default Re: Android OS eating my battery alive. ..

    Well I am running the Sprint JB release on my AT&T GS3, but same difference I suppose.

    But although your theory is good, but I doubt it is the WiFi since I hardly ever have my WiFi on and my Android OS runs just as high, sometimes as high as 30%.

    Personally I think it is either JB itself, or Samsung's version of it, since JB on my Nexus 7 tablet runs the Android OS under 5%.

    I haven't had any other JB devices to compare, but at work (AT&T), we release the Note II tomorrow which comes with JB. I'll keep an eye on our demo model and see how the Android OS/System runs on there.

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