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    Default Samsung Galaxy S3 Youtube Connection problems

    Alright, so I recently got a Galaxy S3. It works great and is a great phone. I have had it for about two weeks now. But all of a sudden Youtube and google play store are having problems. When I go to youtube while connected to wifi, it loads and everything loads fine, but when i go to a video it gives me an error saying "Connection to server lost". I don't get this error when using 3g. For google play, when I am connected to my wifi, everything loads and runs fine, but when I go to download an app, it doesn't download and eventually cancels itself. As the same with the youtube problem, it works when I use 3g. Some might tell me to just use 3g then, but 3g is slow and I don't want to wait an hour to load a 10 minute youtube video. I have hear other people have similar problems, but they all have problems with 3g. This is my wifi and I really need help please!
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    Is this a problem on All wifi connections or just a specific one? If you have only tested it with 1 you need more data to know for sure.
    I recently had an issue with my home wifi, on my laptop pages would time out.
    Power cycled the data equipment (router and wifi) and all is well again.
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    Default Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Youtube Connection problems

    It did this to me when I used the Youtube app. When I accessed using the internet, it worked fine after 30 sec download time.

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