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    Default Problems when hitting the backspace/erase key...

    About a month ago my SIII started having a very annoying problem, when I was typing a text message & I needed to use the erase/backspace key it started inserting a whole bunch of lowercase L's instead of erasing/going back. After going to the Sprint Store a few times about the problem & them not fixing it they finally ordered me a new phone. Well I've now had the replacement phone for the last month & now it is doingyhe same exact thing! According to the local Sprint Store they haven't had anyone else having this problem but what are the chances of having 2 different phones doing the exact same thing? Has anyone else had this problem? I'm beyond frustrated b/c now they're sending me a 3rd phone & I'm getting sick of reloading everything, not to mention how frustrating it is to have to fight w/ the phone just to be able to erase something w/o having 10 l's show up!
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    Default Re: Problems when hitting the backspace/erase key...

    Im having the same issue so I doubt its your phone.... further evidence is the fact that it only happens when sending texts
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    Default Re: Problems when hitting the backspace/erase key...

    Are you using the stock keyboard or a 3rd party app?

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    Default Re: Problems when hitting the backspace/erase key...

    Are you using the stock messaging app?

    Did you install, or reconfigure anything , even unrelated to the keyboard, just before this started happening? I think if this were really a phone issue we'd have heard about it from more people.
    PLEASE, when asking for help provide as much information as possible. We can't help unless we know what the symptoms are and what you did before they began.

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    Default Re: Problems when hitting the backspace/erase key...

    Sounds like your either hitting the l button when trying to delete or your phones memory is full and it's running really slowly. I make my cpu run slower than it should to save battery life and when the battery is low and I'm typing my keyboard seems very laggy

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