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    Default How to Delete All Playlists in Google Music App

    Just what the box says. I've got hundreds of empty playlists that seem to have been auto-generated for old music that I've since deleted from my Google Music library. No playlists show up online but on my phone the list is so huge I can't make any new ones because it would take forever just to scroll to them. I'm rooted, but to matter what files I alter it seems to either keep the list of playlists or download them from an external server. Someone please tell me they know how how to get rid of these stupid things - I could delete them one-by-one but there's far too many for that; I'd be at it all day.
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    Default Re: How to Delete All Playlists in Google Music App

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: How to Delete All Playlists in Google Music App

    Still having trouble with this. The stupid app has so many playlists it lags the phone to death when I open Play Music but I've never made a single playlist before. Apparently that didn't stop something from auto-generating hundreds. I've even never been able to scroll down to the Bs in alphabetical order before.

    EDIT: When I clear the app data from the app info page it repopulates the list when I open the app next. I think it's identifying ROM files and/or emulated music files (.gym, .nsf, etc) as playlists. I loathe programs that search the entire filesystem of a device for specific files. Do they really think I'm so stupid that I can't confine my music to a folder clearly labelled "Music"? That's why I stopped using the Gallery app in favor of one that I can exclude folders from. I wish I could find a better music app.
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    Default Re: How to Delete All Playlists in Google Music App

    E-mailed Google Support. They say it's the Instant Play "feature" that's making hundreds of empty playlists with titles that have nothing to do with anything I know of on my phone and many things that aren't audio files. Of course, they say this "feature" can't be disabled and they can't be deleted, even though it lets me (albeit slowly) delete them individually.

    So here's a better question: are there any better music apps, preferably that can access the Google Music cloud? I should probably just skip the cloud all together considering the 3G in my neighborhood isn't even fast enough to stream music...

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