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    Default galaxys3 memory card issue

    I purchased a 64 gb micro memory card recently. my previous card was so unorganized I figured id organize myself. currently my music and pics aren't getting read by my phone. any feedback to help me?
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    Default Re: galaxys3 memory card issue

    Tons of issues with SD cards and the S3

    Are you running custom rom? stock rom? custom kernel? etc.

    If you don't watch movies on the card - you can put it in your PC - backup all the data - and reformat it as Fat-32

    Then you should have no issues

    by default, the 64GB cards come formatted as exFat which has issues if using a custom rom and/or custom kernel combinations

    LOTS of posts out there with this type of question

    Simplest resolution is to reformat the card to Fat-32
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    Default Re: galaxys3 memory card issue

    fat32 formatting fixed the same issues for me as well!

    Galaxy S3........

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