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    Default In the very near future..

    Cell phones will be the same thing as a laptop. Think about it.... our S3's basically are a laptop that can fit in our pocket, except they can make calls and text also. By time the GS5 comes out I'm guessing it will basically be a mini laptop lol. Just a thought/random banter...

    Also on a side note, these cellphones we use nowadays we use more for internet/apps/etc than for what the cellphone was originally made for: MAKE CALLS ON THE GO!
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    Default Re: In the very near future..

    These things actually do what.... Make a phone call ? Oh my gosh... Didn't know that

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    I am the Tegra Champ. What this means is that from time to time NVIDIA might send me new products to try out. This will not affect my thoughts, ideas, or opinions about any product that are discussed in the forums. Those are still my own.

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