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    Default 4.3 update and Next Launcher 3D

    I just received the ota 4.3 update notification and I haven't click it yet. I use Next Launcher 3D and Go Launcher EX. I'd like to know if anyone has had any problems with any Launcher with this update?

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    Default Re: 4.3 update and Next Launcher 3D

    I have used nova launcher just fine with it.

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    Default Re: 4.3 update and Next Launcher 3D

    I ran Next Launcher the other night just fine
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    Default Re: 4.3 update and Next Launcher 3D

    my note 2 lags.... it lags while scrolling and in gallery... so maybe its the go launcher which must b the reason behind it.. so may i know wot should i do?.. if u think go launcher iznt a root cause... then wot could it b ?

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