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    Default what should i do?

    Hello! New here, wasn't sure where to post this.. hope i don't get flamed :/

    I have a problem.. heh. I dropped my phone today- maybe the 3rd time ever doing so- from a height of MAYBE 2 ft... it must have been just enough though, because about 2 hours later, i see a pink spot developing in the corner of my screen.. didnt think a thing of it, and went home none the wiser. About 2 hours later, I go to check my phone, the spot is bigger, and gradually turning blue, I'm starting to get worried.. One more hour later and my entire screen is now pink, and that spot from before is now blue turning black..

    My question is- what are my best options? Should I go see my provider and see about getting the screen replaced? Or should I just purchase a new lcd display online and repair it myself? What are my options here (and hopefully they aren't too pricey). It seems time is of the essence, 'cos at this rate, I wont be able to see anything on my phone in the morning.

    Thanks for the input in advance!
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    Default Re: what should i do?

    Unless you have experience with repairing very small electronics, or have other repair experience and confidence in your skills, I wouldn't recommend doing this yourself. It's not just a simple drop in replacement. There are some videos on youtube showing what is necessary.

    Your carrier probably won't repair it. They might offer to send it back to Samsung, but that would be slow and expensive, if they'll fix it at all. Your best bet is probably to find an independent repair service, or look for a used phone on ebay.
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    Default Re: what should i do?

    Welcome to the forums. If you're a DIYer you can try (be sure to select the right color for your phone).

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