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    Exclamation Android 4.3 Update and Now Sprint Galaxy S3 Won't Power On

    My phone was charging overnight, and around 3:50am I wake up to see that it's ready to be updated to 4.3. I let it install as I had back to sleep. I then wake up a few hours later and my phone is stuck at the Galaxy S3 logo screen (no idea for how long, but it was still plugged into my charger). I power it down, but now it won't power back on. I've tried multiple battery removals, tried starting it up in recovery and download mode, leaving it plugged into the charger or not... nothing works. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Default Re: Android 4.3 Update and Now Sprint Galaxy S3 Won't Power On

    Mine did something similar. I received the update shortly after Thanksgiving... seemed ok at first and a few things were glitchy... my hotmail email icon kept being replaced with the stock SMS icon... very annoying... had to do a full reset... corrected the issue.

    Then I started seeing noticable power drain issues... a few days ago, I took it off the charger and went to work. At night, its usually pretty low on power so I put it on the charger and leave it until morning... anyway, I got to work and heard it give the "Bleep Bleep" low power warning... Strange. I borrowed a co-worker's GS3 charger and left it alone for several hours... came back and it was only at 17%... odd... I powered it down and resumed charging. A few hours later, I checked it again... 21%... I powered it up and within about 2 minutes, I watched it drop charge to 9%, then the screen flickered and it died. I plugged it in and powered it up again... showed power at 3%... went home and did a full reset... charged it overnight... 17% again... went to work, limped it through the day. Brought to Sprint Corporate Store and service tech looked it over, found nothing wrong... battery was good and charging port was too... he replaced the battery with a new one and cleaned the charging port anyway. He also tried another reset... seemed ok and charged up fully, but burned through the battery quickly. Next morning, back to the same problems... by the end of the day, it refused to charge or power up for more than a few seconds even plugged in.... brought it back to Sprint and received a brand new phone... (they had run out of reman'd ones..go figure). New phone, keep getting update notification, but I'm gonna hold off until January.
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    Default Re: Android 4.3 Update and Now Sprint Galaxy S3 Won't Power On

    This happened to me. I took my phone to a sprint store and they tried to revive it but the battery was fried. There was nothing they could do. I had to order a new phone which coat $40 since I didn't have insurance, though my husband called sprint and complained and got a $25 credit to our account. It was a huge inconvenience and so stupid. The guy at the store said this was the third time this happened in three days... The update was frying the s3 left and right. I got my new phone (FINALLY, after going back to my archaic Rumor Touch for three days) and the update went fine, but I was so scared. Make sure your phone is plugged in during the update, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. Sorry your phone got fried. :/ I hope you can get it figured out.

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