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    Default Sudden Lag Problems on the Galaxy S3 (Help!)

    This is a problem that has been going on since last night. Here's what happened:

    Ever since I first got my S3 for Christmas, it has worked flawlessly. Even after downloading a variety of apps and games from the Google Play store, it still worked good-as-new. Even a game such as Flappy Bird rarely lagged.
    So last night, I played a little bit of Flappy Bird and then left my phone on that app unplugged. A few hours later, I came back to discover that my phone's battery had died. So as normal, I plugged the phone in and turned it on. However, I noticed that it was performing a lot slower than usual. Flappy Bird was extremely laggy, menus were laggy, other apps were laggy, and the Internet browser had trouble loading pages. I initially thought that the extra lag was due to my phone's low battery or being plugged into the charger, but that had never happened before. Unplugging the phone didn't solve anything neither. I did some searching around and restarted the phone multiple times to no avail. Assuming that my phone needed a break, I plugged it back in and left it charging (in sleep mode) overnight as I typically do. But the next morning came, and everything was still slow. So I did a little research and figured that my memory usage was the problem. I uninstalled Candy Crush (a high-memory game that was only on my phone in order to help other people progress through it) but nothing really changed. I tried clearing my RAM in the active applications menu (the pie chart button) but the apps in the background kept opening and eating up more than half of my available RAM. Somewhere around this time, the Internet browser began to work a little better, but the lag and overall slowness was still existent. Then I went into the Applications Manager and turned off some of the pre-installed apps that I never use, but my phone was still pretty laggy. I then installed an App Killer, but after finding out that App Killers are basically useless, I uninstalled it and checked to see if there was a different underlying cause for the lag. So I started searching about how to specifically stop lag on a Samsung Galaxy S3, but the only clear answer I got was to disable double-tapping the Home button to get to S-Voice (which only makes it quicker getting to the home screen, not solving lag.) I did come across a video on YouTube that said that you have to disable TouchWiz on your phone to remove lag, but at the cost of sacrificing the Home screen's user interface (which I would never do). Many of the forums I came across never gave a clear answer. And reverting my phone to factory settings sounds risky. Rooting sounds like an even more risky, painful method of solving anything so I'd prefer not to go that far. Ultimately, I came here to see if anyone could shed some light on my serious lagging problem. Again, this has never happened to my phone before, and I'm not sure how it went from working smoothly to being slow, laggy, and occasionally unresponsive within only a few hours. My next steps might include turning the phone completely off for a little while, uninstalling more apps, or calling Sprint for more help. But if anyone here knows how I could get my phone back to normal, I'd greatly appreciate it. As of now, almost everything on my Galaxy S3 has a noticable lag. I really want to play Flappy Bird without lag again and use applications without excessive delay again! Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Default Re: Sudden Lag Problems on the Galaxy S3 (Help!)

    Sometimes when the battery gets low it will turn on Power Savings. It may still be on. On 4.3 it is located in Settings>My Device.
    If it is off then you may need to wipe the cache partition, do the following:
    1. Turn off the device.
    2. Press and hold the Volume Up key, Home key, and Power key at the same time.
    3. When the phone vibrates, let go of the buttons.
    4. Press the Volume Down key to move to and highlight wipe cache partition.
    5. Press the Power key to select and wipe the cache partition.
    6. After the wipe is finished, go back up till reboot system now is highlighted and press the Power key to restart the phone.
    T-Mobile USA
    Rooted Stock 4.3
    (No KNOX)
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    Default Re: Sudden Lag Problems on the Galaxy S3 (Help!)

    Thanks, GT. All of sudden my S3 started lagging also. I guess the power saving turned on when the battery ran down very low. After turning power saving off, the lagging was gone. Ray
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    Default Re: Sudden Lag Problems on the Galaxy S3 (Help!)

    Try the latest firmware jelly bean 4.3 it won't lag

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    Red face Re: Sudden Lag Problems on the Galaxy S3 (Help!)

    My Galaxy 3 was also EXTREMELY slow (lagging badly while entering text!). Turning off the Power Save mode did the trick
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    Default Re: Sudden Lag Problems on the Galaxy S3 (Help!)

    Thank you, I followed your I structions a and all is good!! Thank you

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