I hope that someone can help me with this issue.

I am unable to send e-mail using the default e-mail application on the S3 unless I am connected to a Time Warner Cable Hotspot. There seems to be no issue with receiving e-mail.

I recently installed Aqua Mail, and I think that application did an automatic setup of my e-mail account. I can send and receive from Aqua Mail without any issues.

TWC support tells me that they upgraded the e-mail servers and changed the server names so that now both the incoming and outgoing servers are mail.twc.com. Aqua Mail is not using these settings, but is able to send and receive. I input the settings from Aqua Mail into the default e-mail application on the S3, but I still cannot send e-mail. I know the easy solution would be to just use Aqua Mail since it works, but I would like to know why I can't send email using the default mail application on the S3.